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  • meson >= 0.47.0 [build]
  • perl [build]
  • glib >= 2.52 [build]
  • libx11 [build]
  • libxi [build]
  • libxext (optional, for DPMS support) [build]
  • libwireplumber-0.4 (optional, for audio sink support) [build]
  • python3-setuptools [build]
  • python3 [runtime]
  • dbus-python [runtime]

Ensure the above build dependencies are satisfied and configure the build with meson:

meson builddir && cd builddir

Inside the build directory, meson configure will list all options set with -D. For example, to disable the DPMS feature, run:

meson configure -Ddpms=disabled

Finally, run ninja to build sessiond.


Run tests with meson test.


After building sessiond, ninja install can be used to install it.

The sessiond Python package must also be installed. Run:

cd python-sessiond
python3 install