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Getting started


If a package is available for your distro, install it using the instructions below:

  • Fedora (copr)

    dnf copr enable jcrd/sessiond
    dnf install sessiond
  • Arch Linux (AUR)

    git clone
    cd sessiond
    makepkg -si

Follow the instructions below to build sessiond from source. See Building for a complete list of dependencies.

  1. Download and extract the latest release, then enter the created directory:
curl -L | tar -xz -C sessiond
cd sessiond
  1. Initiate the build process with meson and ninja:
meson builddir
ninja -C builddir
  1. Install the built package:
sudo ninja -C builddir install
  1. Install the Python package:
cd python-sessiond
sudo python3 install


See Usage for details about using sessiond.

Refer to dovetail.service for a working example of integrating a window manager with sessiond.

Examples of services for use in a sessiond session can be found here.


sessiond does not require configuration but allows it to modify the default behavior.

See Configuration for more information.